Natalie davis


I have heard from the time I was small – I love your style!  I love to mix new and old and create the perfect space for every situation. Between a reading nook in the morning sun, changing your master to summer bedding or helping you design the perfect kitchen working triangle, I am here to help.  Are you looking to move and need help de-cluttering for listing pictures?  Are you moving to a new space and need help unpacking and organizing the space?  Are you bored with your furniture layout and need a change?  Being an Enneagram Type Three I can help you achieve the most beautiful space you can imagine!  


Let me help you layout your new or existing furniture

and have it ready for a fantastic reveal!

When I’m not helping clients, I love to cook, make jewelry and volunteer.  I am involved in several service organizations locally in Chattanooga, TN.  I love getting together with friends for dinner and setting up for a great dinner party!  My guilty pleasure is the spa and re-styling and organizing my house too often!

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