Morgan Holmes


People always ask me, "Is YOUR house super organized?"  My answer:  Yes.  I'm a true believer in the saying "everything has its place." Details have been my life and the organization of home and office is no exception.  What began as my Enneagram Type One personality compulsively taking things out of my friend's closets "because they did it wrong" developed into a greater passion as I was able to make the jump into a full-time professional organizing career.  Upon deeper discovery I realized that most people aren't like's not that they don't want to be organized, they just don't excel in starting or keeping the systems in place while juggling the rest of their incredibly hectic life.  

Can't win 'em all, right?


I've also learned that sometimes life changes you and the once organized person that looked just like me is now having a hard time getting things to flow smoothly after (insert:  having a baby, a cross-country move, death of a family member, kids moving out of the house, etc.). Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes and hands to make it all come together again, ultimately releasing you from the stress and chaos of clutter--freeing you up for your most efficient lifestyle. That's where I come in.

Judgment free.  Casual.  Fun.  Real.

When I'm not organizing your house, I'm sipping champagne and organizing and redecorating mine with my husband Kent and my daughter Mary McKenna.  

I adore volunteering at MMK's school, throwing dinner parties for our friends, and traveling the world with Kent.  

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