Q:  What do you charge for organizing or styling?

A:  Our fees vary based on the job quoted, but we generally work on an hourly basis.  The rate quoted is for two consultants for the hour period.  If at any time, only one consultant is available, the rate is pro-rated.

Q:  Do I have to be there?

A:  We actually prefer that you aren't!  There are a few jobs that we do need your assistance for a short amount of time, but generally if you are in the home and want to work alongside us, we will give you projects in another area of the home to assist us.  If you are out of the home, we will mark piles of "homework" for you to follow up on or help us cull when you return. 

Q:  Will you get rid of the stuff I don't want? 

A:  Yes!   Along with disposing of trash at the end of the day, we will also take any items that you would like to donate to our local community partners.  These are reputable establishments that we have connections to and know the good works they do in our region! 

Q:  Are there additional fees? 

A:  In our detailed Statement of Work, you will receive a suggested list of items that we think would improve the space we are quoting.  We give you the option of acquiring these on your own from our suggested list of products or having us provide them and bill on your final invoice.  There are also times that we will need the assistance of a contractor to install systems.  All of these fees and prices will be noted ahead of time and an estimate for all materials can be provided prior to purchase if requested.  

Q:  Do I need to do anything before you arrive? 

A:  In some cases, we may provide "homework" for you to complete before we arrive.  This may be as simple as having all of your laundry completed so we can ensure we have space for all of your clothing in the closet--or it could be that we need you to mark must keep items in the kitchen because if it is a to-go container from a restaurant or you have 30 duplicates, we will likely make the decision to donate it!   

Q:  Can you teach my (insert: spouse, kids, coworkers) how  to keep things organized?

A:  Actually, yes!  We are happy to have sessions with family members or co-workers to go over the organizational systems that we have put in place so that everyone understands the functionality and purpose and has the ability to ask questions and get to know the new way of living! 


Have additional questions?  Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your personal project!