Home Organization

Closet Organizing

Whether you need to downsize your wardrobe or you have used your closet as a catch-all for far too many years, everyone deserves to have a functional and beautifully organized closet.  It may be as simple as color-coding and rearranging seasonal items, or it could be as grand as installing a new closet system.  Your Free Initial Consultation will help us determine everything we need to make your closet work for you.

Kitchen & Pantry


If your spice cabinet is overflowing or you haven't checked the expiration dates on your pantry items since you moved in, a custom pantry system can be created to consolidate and code your every day items.  If your problem isn't a food fiasco and more Tupperware and Great Grandma's fine china, we can assist with decluttering and organizing your space for everyday living and entertaining.  Don't forget to ask about our curated "Cry Drawer"!

Kids Toy & Play Area

One of the most common areas of frustration--what to do with all these TOYS?!  We get it.  Kids are messy.  You want them to play and have fun, but we agree that there is a happy medium.   We can create an organizational system that kids of all ages understand and actually enjoy.  Cleaning up at the end of the day becomes a breeze and everyone in the household is happier and calmer because of it.  

Garage Organizing

Do you dream of parking the car in your garage again?  Or does your house have a Honey Do list a mile long that you would love to be able to find a single hammer for?  During your Free Initial Consultation we will talk about your ultimate garage goals and assist you with anything from decluttering and donating items to a full (Wo)Man Cave Makeover for the Weekend Warrior.  Packages are also available for Garage Sale Prep and Management!

Document & Bill


Paper.  So much Paper.  Let us help you with ways to alleviate the space that your paper is taking up by sorting, filing, culling and electronically saving bills, receipts, travel informations, keepsakes and YES--even your kids artwork!  Available for personal and business clients.

Other Areas

Our offerings are limitless!  If you are stressed about an area in your home or office, we can assist. 

  • Guest Room

  • Linen Closet

  • Coat Closet

  • Home Office

  • Drop Station (Keys/Purses/Shoes/Coats in Entry Way!)

  • Storage Room/Attic

  • Offsite Storage Units


Room Styling

Other Styling

Whether it's a master bedroom makeover, a guest room that never got the love it deserved or a brand new living room in your forever home, we can assist with creating a stylish space within any budget parameters.  We have a wide variety of resources to allow us to design any room from top to bottom or simply seasonally refresh with items from you home.   Your Free Initial Consultation will allow us to discover how we can update your space.

Rooms you may  consider:

Master Bedroom

Guest Room

Living Room

Game Room/Play Room

Home Office

Formal Dining Room

Styling is an Art.  And we are happy to help you excel in this craft!  Here are some other areas we can assist: 

  • Holiday Decorating (Set Up AND/OR Take Down)

  • Party  Styling

  • Air BnB Styling 

  • New Family Member Room Set Up

move in/move out


Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you are purchasing your forever home, buying a house can be a stressful process.  We have established a way to assist you with making your move-in day a breeze.  With our Move In packages we are able to assist you with sourcing furniture for your new home if you have upgraded in square footage or we can be the team on the ground to unpack your boxes into organized systems so that you are starting your home off on the right foot.  Connect with us to chat about what package would help welcome you home!  


When you are selling your home, maximizing the value and closing quickly are the two key points for every homeowner!  We want to assist you with both of those points by offering our services to ensure that your home is looking its best for your potential buyers!   Our Move Out packages range from Styling and Decluttering your home for Real Estate photographs  to deep Decluttering and pre-packing/pre-moving items to alternate locations when available.  Utilizing this service will set you up with a quick sale and total peace of mind!


A happy client is a repeat client.  And a house sold quickly and efficiently is money in everyone's pocket.  Allow us to help sweeten the deal for both you and your client with our Move In and Move Out packages.  While we are not your traditional staging company, we can style and stage your client's home with items they already own, eliminating the need for rental furnishings and additional movers, as well as decluttering highly sought-after spaces like master closets and kitchen pantries.   Connect with us today to discuss how we can assist you in fast tracking your next sale.  Don't forget to ask about our Realtor Referral Program!